Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My New Outlet

Well I've decided this new blog is a great outlet for me to let off steam and keep my thoughts in order. Its also a great way to keep up with my family and friends. Its convenient that you can check in when you feel like it and if you're actually interested instead of me just sending random emails to everyone.

We had a really interesting lecture tonight. (And quite fitting after Sunday's charades). It was on legal and ethical issues. We didn't do too much talking about ethics since we've already taken classes on that, but we did delve a little deeper into the legal aspect. I really love the legal part of it. And, as most of you know, I like to be heard (must get it from my dad!).

Everything this lawyer/nurse/professor said confirmed my stand on last week's experience on the floor. It was a lawsuit waiting to happen. My fellow clinical students and I decided that if it wasn't any better this weekened that I would have to go talk to this lawyer/nurse/professor to see what her take was on it. (How was I nominated to do the talking again? Oh yea, cause I'm so good at talking...that I get from my mom)! Also, I want to talk to her about future possibilities once I'm done with school and get my license. Which opens up a whole new can of worms...

Now, I know I'm only a couple of months into nursing school, but I know this much: I definitely don't want to do geriatrics. I THINK I will like OB and psych, but who can tell without doing it? I do find the legal aspect very interesting and I'd like to look into consulting maybe. Looks like I just signed up for another 6 years of school, huh? Ah well, at least this way if I'm in school, I'm not paying my loans!

I'm off to knit for a few minutes (my other outlet) and then to sleep. Speaking of knitting, does anyone need a new scarf? These things are piling up and I only know how to knit in a straight line, so that's all I can make! Hope everyone is well! * Hugs *


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