Monday, December 04, 2006

Sundays at the Hospital

Well, THANKFULLY, I have nothing exciting to report from this past Sunday. Lots of patients with the flu it seems. Fortunately, my patient was past the diarrhea and vomiting by the time I saw her on Sunday. Overall it was a pretty calm day (well, as calm as it gets anyway).

I'm still all clumsy and running around like a crazy person not knowing what to do or where and when, but I'm sure that will go away with time. I wasn't real sure my nurse liked me too much to begin with, but by the end of the day I had her laughing. Seriously, I thought she was kidding when she told me to take the cap off this clippy thing cause I couldn't get it off. The easiest tasks can be such a challenge with me! My instructor told me I'm my own worst enemy on the floor. I constantly second guess myself and look for reassurance, even when I know I'm right.

Good lesson I learned on Sunday - when giving meds, CHECK THE CHART! Don't take the nurse's word for it. I know better, but I did it anyways. Ended up giving my patient the wrong med... thank goodness she had to take that one anyways but MAN you should have seen me sweat there for a minute!

So my next question long do you think it will be before I come down with the flu? Probably right over Christmas break (with my luck).


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