Monday, April 02, 2007

Worst. Day. Ever.

Yesterday was the first day on the floor for OB. It was the worst day ever. It was a nightmare. My instructor is actually really nice, and helpful, but a total stickler for rules and such. If we're late, we get written up, if we don't' know what we're doing, we get written up, etc. I've never even thought about being written up!

Anyways, so we get to the floor around noon (after 5 hours of classroom time) and we have to change into their lovely, stained, ripped scrubs-none of which fit anyone. Then we get on the floor and as soon as we walk in, there's an emergency. So all the nurses are running around like crazy and start yelling orders at us (none of which we can do, and half of which we didn't even understand). So my instructor grabs me to give a baby a hep shot cause its leaving in 5 minutes. I've never given a shot to an adult, let alone a baby. But that went fine, I was just a little shaky.

The nurses were in a bad mood all day and were extremely pissy with us. It was not fun. Plus, my instructor thought that we had SOME clue as to what we were supposed to be doing...WRONG. We had no instruction before we got to the floor at all! Even the charting was a project. She kept telling me to chart this and that and make a nurses note about this...I finally caught on that she thought I knew what she was talking about and stopped her and said "ok, you DO understand that I've never charted ANYTHING before, right? Seriously, like this is the first time writing on a chart, so you're gonna have to slow down and tell me where you want me to write this and how to word it because we never had a class on that!".

In the end the teacher had a bitch session (not about us, thank god), then we had a bitch session, then we left for the day and the cool people in the group went to Don Pablos and had margaritas and some dinner. We felt much better after some drinks. I think that will become our Sunday ritual.

I hate OB...I do not want to be an OB nurse...please please please send me back to Psych!


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