Saturday, February 10, 2007

Far Behind

I know I haven't posted lately, I'm sorry. But no one's complaining, so maybe no one's reading anyways. LOL

This was handed out in class the other night:

Five Differences Between Nursing School and Hell
(I can't believe they found 5 - I couldn't find any!)

1. You wouldn't tell a friend to go to nursing school.
2. You know there are hot women and men in Hell.
3. You only have to sell your soul to get into Hell.
4. People smile in Hell.
5. Hell is forever, nursing school just seems like it.

I'll post about the psych ward soon, I promise, I just have so much to do!


Anonymous Kirin said...

I'm reading....not complaining, but i'm ready for the next update! I'm definitely interested in the psych ward stuff.

So, do you watch Grey's Anatomy or is that considered too fake and off limits for folks whose real lives involve a medical profession?

Fri Feb 16, 07:01:00 PM EST  
Blogger dandelionpicker said...

I know I'm sorry! There will be one soon I promise! Just a little stressed out here :(

Yes I watch Grey's Anatomy, its my favorite show! I hate Meredith though, she bugs me...she's so whiny. Blah two doctors are in love with me blah blah my life is so terrible. Izzy bugs me too. Did you see it last night? What the hell was that with her "I Believe..." speech that went on for like 5 minutes? I like Cristina and Callie...cause they're bitchy LOL.

Sat Feb 17, 01:08:00 AM EST  

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