Thursday, December 07, 2006

Three Words You Don't Want To Hear


At least its starting to look like Christmas, huh? Here's some good advice for you (learn from my mistakes)... when you look outside and you got 6" of snow overnight and its snowing so hard you can't even see the building next door to you, DON'T wear those cute little leather flat pointy shoes you love cause they look cute with the outfit. Its kinda like walking outside to your car barefoot. My feet are very white and cold. I went back inside and put on my heaviest socks and Columbia boots. I won't make that mistake again. (Evidently I learn things the hard way).

So the weather channel is calling for 3-5" of more snow during the day today and another 2" overnight. Yippey. It doesn't help that they didn't plow this morning. Thank goodness I only drive a mile and a half to work. I love these dumb-asses that barely warm their cars up, wipe a nice tiny little circle on their dashboard, can't see over the pile of snow on the front of their car, and then decide to drive 10 miles an hour right in front of me.

Winter in Ohio has arrived. Funny considering we had temps of 65 last week.

*Uncle Joe, if you leave me a comment saying that its 90 in Cali I will never visit you again! I don't want to hear it! Anyone that wants to leave me comments NOT gloating about their good weather please do so!!! I like to know who's reading me!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

BRRRRRRR!!! I'm finally reading this and it's only 56 degrees out. Can't believe where you live there was so much snow. Move to the west side!! CD

Tue Dec 12, 12:36:00 PM EST  

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