Saturday, January 13, 2007

My new favorite thing!

This shit is D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S. Don't knock it if you haven't tried it. I like the peach one. I like it even better than Dannon and Stoneyfield. Seriously, try it. You'll never know its soy. Just thought I'd share.

I just got back from grocery shopping after a day at school (a looooong day). Yet it was so interesting. Two of my teachers for psych shared their personal stories with us. One has a son that was diagnosed as Schizophrenic and the other has a daughter that has Borderline Personality Disorder and is Bi-Polar. It was a very interesting lecture by both of them. They let us ask them questions and there were lots of them! I had lots of questions myself.

I can't wait to get started at the hospital next Sunday. I think this semester is going to be so interesting to me. Usually its hard for me to sit in class for 2 hours, let alone all day long, but I didn't even notice because I was so caught up in it. After they told us their stories and how it effects their families, we did some role-playing (which I freakin' HATE and I can't do...more on that later) and then we watched some of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest", which I had seen many times and read the book a long time ago. If you haven't seen it, its a really good movie (even better book), but I'm sure Nana, Joe, and Steph probably have. We're also supposed to watch "Girl, Interrupted" this semester, but I own it and have seen it so many times I could recite it word for word. That's another good one if you haven't seen it.

So my clinicals are on Sundays again this semester and I'm at a state hospital on a forensic unit, which basically means that the patients I will work with are all criminals that have stood trial and been committed as criminally insane. From what I understand, most of them have been there a long time and are not dangerous. What I really like about this semester is that the hospital is about 3 minutes from my house, which makes the out-of-control gas prices and the fact that my lease is almost out of warranty a little easier to bear.

So back to the whole role-playing thing. Does anyone REALLY think this help us learn? Cause it doesn't help me at ALL. Last semester I couldn't do anything right in the lab in front of my teacher, it was a serious problem. They had their doubts about me. But when I got to the floor, I was awesome. Instinct just took over and I did what needed to be done, didn't even think about it. So today there were three of us in each group and she told one to be the patient and the other two to interview the "patient". Well, I kinda froze up. I didn't say anything! Our "patient" was so jittery and talking so fast that I was trying to think of something to say and I didn't hear anything that came out of his mouth! Good thing my partner is a counselor in real life and took over! I'm sure I'll be fine on the floor, but it was kinda nerve-racking. I'm not an actress, I'm a NURSE! (well, almost).

Last semester they had us practicing physical exams on each other all semester. Ok, we're all HEALTHY. We had to pass lots of physicals to even get into this school. What good is it doing me to keep practicing on healthy people?! "Listen for bruits and heart murmurs" they kept telling us...I wouldn't know a bruit or a heart murmur if I DID hear one cause I have no idea what it sounds like! It's so frustrating. I have a hard enough time trying to find a pulse half the time!

In other news, I did finally talk to someone at the school about the abomination of a clinical instructor from last semester. Her answer was pretty much this: "Ok, well don't worry about it. If someone asks you to do something just tell them she didn't teach you". Um, OK that wasn't the reaction I was looking for. And I'm sure that excuse WON'T fly in the end.

Now, go write SILK SOY LIVE! YOGURT on your shopping list. Report back what you think of it. That is all.


Anonymous poppop said...

Hi jiffy,enjoyed yor Sun. posting. Reminded me of when I was young, if someone asked how you feeling the reply is with my fingers! It is still winter here and no rain to speak of yet but maybe Fri. love ya,poppop

Wed Jan 24, 02:56:00 PM EST  

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