Monday, December 18, 2006

Final Day at the Hospital

Yesterday was it! I'm done! I passed my practical exam on the floor yesterday. The instructor actually said I was "very well prepared"...that even surprised me!

My patient had a tear-duct reconstruction or something of the sort and had been admitted to my floor since she woke up in a pool of blood a couple of days after the surgery. Its a good thing the sight of blood doesn't bother me because it was EVERYWHERE (and somehow I managed to keep it off my all-white uniform!).

So while the ENT docs played "You touched her last, you deal with it", the poor woman bled from the nose profusely for upwards of 10 hours. I didn't know there was that much blood in the human body. Eventually they decided they were going to ship her out to the Cleveland Clinic and let them deal with it, but of course, that wasn't until today...poor woman. She was surprisingly pleasant under the circumstances. I had to do a physical assessment on her and she was a good patient even though I'm sure she wasn't feeling up to me poking her and moving her all around.

I've been very lucky to get very nice patients to help teach me. I'm also very lucky that they have been so nice to me, seeing as most of them are in their mid-80's and I am sporting my usual face piercings, tattoos, and my now-black hair. (I have to dye it black because it lightens up to light brown so quickly).

Final exam is Wednesday and I can't wait to be done for a few weeks of vacation! I think we're going snowboarding (or at least I hope so). I'm also going to learn to knit hats over break. I have knitted so many scarves and I want to learn something new. I think I may venture into the knitted sock market too, those are cute.


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