Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Round Three

I'm on the 3rd round of antibiotics now. Nothing is helping. My ears are pulsating in and out and I can barely hear. Its funny the first 5 minutes of the day, then it just gets annoying. You know how it sounds when you turn up a really old tv and there's all that reverb and stuff? That's what I hear all day....annoying, huh?

School starts tomorrow night. I'm not excited to go back. I was really enjoying my time off. Well, this semester should be interesting at least. Psych for 8 weeks, then OB for 8 weeks. Hopefully I'll get to see a baby delivered. I've never seen one before! Kinda sucks that the first one I'm gonna see is someone I don't even know, but oh well.

Hopefully I'll have some interesting Psych clinicals to write about!


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