Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Really the Best School for Me?

I'm finding out some other frightening things about this school. Now, I know this could all be hear-say, but its still a little scary.

Once upon a time, one of the guys in our class started a website so that we could all network and share information. That website has been since shut down by the same student. Turns out that the faculty was on the website and was upset about the things people were saying about the faculty. (Of course, this was a private website, no one but members (students & evidently, faculty) could see the information posted). One of the students was very upset about the lack of teaching that went on and the fact that they read to us and don't teach us. Long story short, the faculty read it and this student that wrote it claims that they were so upset about it that they pulled her into a room and litterally screamed at her for an hour and threatened her using all kinds of obscene language.

Now, if this really happened or not, I don't know. But, if it DID happen, why is this student still going to school with us? I'll tell you what, if the faculty that I am PAYING talks to me like that, I will no longer be attending this school. The only reason I believe that its true is because I have seen how nasty some of the teachers are. And I will be the first to admit that this is the most unprofessional, unprepared school I have ever been to.

The difference in one clinical group to the next is unbelievable. One group is learning and being tested out on sooooo much stuff, and we don't have a test out at all. Hell, we're lucky if our teacher even shows up on time...she's usually at least 20 minutes was an hour and 20 minutes the last time! I'm sure this is only hurting me in the end, but now I'm a little afraid to even bring it up to any of the faculty! I just want to make it through school...and be treated fairly and like a human being! Its bad that I'm to afraid to have conversations with my instructors for fear of retribution...and I've felt that way since day one...which is another reason I believe this other student is telling the truth.

I think maybe I'll put my name on another school's wait list (since the wait lists are 3 years long)...just in case.

Note to self: When meeting with faculty, turn on digital recorder and keep in pocket.


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