Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Busy weekend, not very relaxing!

Well I worked all weekend at the realtor's office. That was fun. It can be slow at times, but its fun now cause its still new.

Saturday night after work I went to the Music Under the Stars at Blossom. The Cleveland Orchestra was playing Rodgers and Hammerstein's stuff from Carousel, State Fair, Sound of Music, and Oklahoma. It was really good. But, they did play that damn Do Re Mi song twice and it makes me want to scratch my eyes out. That song reminds me of my aunt Kathleen and camping for some reason. I guess she used to sing it on the drive up or something. Anyways, I'd love to go next summer if they do a Disney one!

Wy moved into her new apartment this weekend. They have no electricity until today some time. She said she had to do her makeup on the balcony last night cause she couldn't see anything. She seems to really like the new place. They said it has high ceilings and its in a nice area. They're excited about it. I can't wait to see it.

Anyways, that was about it for this weekend. I just relaxed and knit and cleaned yesterday. I felt like I was being lazy, but hey, I only had one day off!


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