Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Sometimes It's Scary

Actual conversation between Matt and I last night…

Me: (opening a box of Starburst) Wow! Yeah!!! Alright!!! Woo-hoo!!!

Matt: What?

Me: Dude look! In that whole box only 1 lemon and 2 oranges! All the rest are red and pink! I love that!!! That made my whole day! Do you want one? Of course, you know I’m only offering you a lemon or orange though, right?

Matt: Nah, I’m ok. Don’t you hate that though? When you offer people Starburst and they eat your pink and red ones?

Me: Yea. I always eat all the yucky stuff first and save the best for last.

Matt: Oh my god me too!

Me: Yea, I have to eat all the lemons first…then the oranges, then pink red pink red pink red until they’re gone. I can’t decide if I like the pink or red the best. This way it’s all fair for the pink and red.

Matt: Hahahaha I do that too!!! The same way! Lemon, Orange, Pink Red Pink Red! I think I like the red ones best so I end on those. I used to like the pink best, but the red are creeping up.

Me: Yea me too!

Matt: Hmmmm

Me: Wow, who’s OCD is worse, do you think?

Matt: hahaha

Me: How do you eat M&Ms?

Matt: Let's never speak of this again.

I just learned that Starburst are made from gelatin...damnit. Now I can't eat those either. THIS SUCKS. I've been doing pretty well but no where close to excellent.


Anonymous Kirin said...

I love your Starburst ritual. I have a weird one....I eat candies like that in 2s. Can't eat an odd number. M&Ms, skittles, etc.....I MUST have an even number.

I think that ranks pretty high on the OCD scale, huh? :)

Sat Feb 10, 08:38:00 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

winemaker, Just so you know I'm reading these. I must say that aconversation was/is scarry to me. Enjoy ST.Valentines Day, Jay Leno "Don't use abbrrations for that". Almost time to appetize so long for now,love you.

Wed Feb 14, 06:54:00 PM EST  

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