Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Couple New Projects

Check out the awesome new bookcase I got from Ikea! I love it! All my yarn is in one place and I'm not tripping over it anymore!

So I have been busy and here's proof...
I finally finished that fair isle hat I was working on. It wasn't as hard as I thought to finish it off. I just had to have someone show me because the directions weren't real clear.

Next I whipped up a little hat for Jodi's new baby, Aiden. Hopefully it will get there right in time for Halloween / Thanksgiving! I hope it fits his head, I adjusted the pattern a bit. Its the first one I've ever done for a baby, so I hope it fits! Isn't that the cutest baby you've ever seen!?!?

I'm 90% finished with my mom's Christmas stuff. She wanted new potholders for her kitchen since her's didn't match. So here's the guts of that project. I need to whip out the sewing machine and put them together then they're finished! Overall, I'm pretty happy with the project, I think they're cute and I love the fabrics I found! You can't really see it in the pic, but the green one on the right has this really cool basketweave, took forever, but its awesome!

And last but not least - this is going to be a purse...someday. Again, I need to whip out the sewing machine, and I hate sewing, so when I get around to it, that project will be finished too. Its really not as ugly as it looks in the pic...I swear!

So that's it for unfinished projects right now. I've sworn that I'm not starting any new ones till these are put away! Next on the list...

* A turtle hat for Wylie (don't ask).
* A surprise project for my Nana.
* Another really cool purse pattern I found. Cabled and winter white, its really cute.
* A hat for one of my manager's new grandson. I was gonna do another pumpkin hat, but I'm not sure when I'm going to get around to this. Maybe a Christmas hat.
* I need to finish the Christmas Stocking that I started in class. I just can't get motivated!
* I'm going to make stitch markers, I bought the stuff.
* I'm going to make custom knitting needles.


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