Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Current Projects

Well, tomorrow night I have my first Fair Isle Hat class. I can't wait. I love Fair Isle patterns but I have no idea where to even start teaching myself, so I've enlisted some help from the local yarn store. I'll put up a pic when I'm done.

I just finished Jodi's baby blanket...finally. I hope she's not reading this cause its a surprise! Have to get it washed up and shipped out to her asap since the baby's already here. I'm thinking of making a little hat to go along with it, I just haven't decided.

I got some awesome yarn the other day that I need to start working with. I tried making it into a hat, but I think it just wasn't thick enough, so now its going to be a scarf.

When my mom was out a couple of weeks ago, we went to the yarn store and bought some Alpaca yarn. Its so soft. I made her a scarf out of it, but it wasn't wide enough, and I ran out of yarn, so I pulled it out to start over :(

I have tons of projects going on lately. Also I'm looking into a "Knit for Charity" where I would do baby blankets and hats for the kids at the children's hospital. The cancer kids like the beanies. I just like making them, so they may as well be put to good use!


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