Friday, September 28, 2007

I Am A Dumbass

So I went to lunch on Wednesday and ran home as I usually do. I was running late getting back to work after lunch (as usual) and was taking out the trash and getting stuff in my car. So I get back to work and I'm running around the office working. About an hour after lunch, my coworker, Jayme, is talking to me in the back sales room. So I'm in the middle of talking to her and she looks at me and says "Wow, that's a nice new look you've got going on there Jenni". And she's looking down at my feet. So I don't look down, but I think she's talking about my pasty white legs and say "Yea, I need to get to the tanning booth, I'm so white". So now she's pointing at my feet...and I look down...and we start laughing so hard I start crying.

So this morning I get to work and I walk up front and all the girls have on mismatching shoes.


Anonymous kirin said...

wonderful co-workers! i love it. i feel like i've had one of those days all week. hope you have a good weekend.

Fri Sep 28, 09:46:00 PM EDT  

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