Sunday, September 30, 2007

Apple Picking Weekend

So I went to Toledo this weekend to go apple picking with my friends. We had a good time. Lots of apples and junk food so everyone was happy and had stomach aches. Here are the pics:

Here's my cousin only looks like she's eating that caramel apple, she's really just licking all the good stuff off.

Ellie and Kara in the pumpkin patch. They're so cute!

Here's Wy and her roommate Sara...before she dropped the pumpkin.

And afterwards...

This is the bobblehead doll that looks like my sister.

Wy made her climb up and get the furthest ones away.

This is my friend Shannon. I've known her since about 1st grade. See, myspace isn't just for stalkers, its also for old friends to catch up!

It wasn't the same without all the family there, but I was thinking of all of you!

Saturday night I went out with Wy and her friend Erica, Sunday I went to see Ellie's soccer game and then hung out with Wy and Sara for a little while, then came home. Fun weekend :)


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