Thursday, October 04, 2007

Oh the Memories...

I just got back from my knitting class. It was awesome and I was a rock star! As soon as the hat's finished I'll put up a pic, so far so good.

So anyways, somehow Matt and I got on the subject tonight of Nana and Pop-pop memories. I think because we were eating apples...anyways, here are a few of our favorites:

* How they never say anything bad about people, like the time I asked Pop-pop "what's for lunch?" and he told me we'd be living off the fat of the land today. (By the way, is that "fat of the land, or fat of the lamb"???) I digress...

* Player piano

* Skinny dipping in the lake and those shoes you had to wear cause of the rocks

* I swear - there's a 4th sandbar! Let's find it!

* White Russians, homemade wine and beer

* Dandelion picking and Taco Bell

* Pop-pop sleeping in the chair while the Cubs were playing, us grabbing the remote and changing the channel and his uncanny ability to arise from a dead snoring sleep and say loudy "I was watching that"!

* The phone that goes "Beep" when you press it and how much it annoyed everyone

* Doing everything in the Gazebo, cause Nana just liked saying the word.

* Nana's laughing

* Waking up in the morning to the lake and a cool breeze, the smell of waffles in the air, and WJR on the radio

* The mossy rock in the lake

* Cribbage, Is the Pop Catholic?, and Scattergories

* The mantle Christmas village

* The wall mounted phone message area that kept the cereal prizes

* The Tootsie Roll Pops on the car ride home

* The words Davenport and Oleo

* Every camper / skier is responsible for his or her own equipment

* Popcorn AND ice cream at night

* The Cosby Show

* Thunder snoring

* Trying on Aunt Bitsy's prom dress

* The Boogie Records bumper sticker

* Going to the craft fairs with Nana at Christmas

* Always asking to spend the night every time we went up to see them

* Pop-pop making us do his chores just as soon as Nana left the house

* Dam Boat I, Dam Boat get the picture

* Ice skating on the canal

* That awesome hill on the drive in (the "whoopdido" as Beth calls it)

* Searching for sand glass, no shells, plenty of dead fish and lakeweed

* Those awesome butter rolls

* Chocolate cakes with chocolate icing

* Diet ice cream

* Turning the ice cream so fast I'd get yelled at that it would turn into butter, that way I didn't have to crank anymore.

* The bobblehead Cubs doll

* The Army blanket

* That sweater in the hall closet that everyone wears

* Playing with oil lamps that were never lit

* That hammerhead shark

* Camping, skiing, apple picking and riding in the trunk every year

* The juccuzi tub and the red light!

* The swirly stairs of death

* That look and the ring that followed

* "Don't let your Nana catch you doing that, she'll turn you every way but loose"

* We can't use a calculator cause our Pop-pop won't allow it

* Nana will have a Ku-Nip-Shun

* Its time for your snappy!

* The best fires in the fireplace on winter nights

* That processional from the stairs, down the hall, under the tree while singing Silent Night and placing the baby Jesus in his crib

* The trip where we took the train to Malinta where we picked raspberries and had the best pizza burgers ever!

* Nana singing us to sleep with that "Mother Mary" song

* Stinky monk cheese that tastes soooooo good

We've been laughing all night and we miss you guys!


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