Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I Swear I'm Not Stupid...

I'm not a stupid girl...I swear. The poeple in my class are not stupid. This wasn't an easy school to get into. We had multiple interviews and GPA restrictions, etc. just to be considered for this school. So what the heck is going on?!?!

We got our last exam back last night. It wasn't good. Here are the statistics...

There are 48 people in the class.
32 people completely failed the test.
There were no A's and only 2 B's.
One of the girls that got a B went over her answers and decided that it was just good luck cause she was guessing.

*Update - I found out that out of the 49 people in the day class, 42 failed completely = 86%. They took the same test.

There were 51 questions on the exam and 27 of them were from one teacher on two different subjects. The same teacher that gives us handouts and then reads them to us, or she gives us busy work to do in groups. This teacher doesn't understand that there is a BIG difference between READING to us, and TEACHING us.

So basically they are thinking that they are going to take all of her questions out of our score. If they do that I went from a failing grade to an A...what does that tell you? And, remember that our grading scale is messed up to begin with...

93-100 A
85-92.9 B
77-84.9 C
Below 77 is a failure.

If you get below 77 in the class, you're done. That one exam grade dropped my grade in the class an entire grade. Hopefully they will address this problem with the teacher because this is ridiculous.

Our tests are made out like this:
1 answer is completely wrong
1 answer could be right, but it clearly isn't
2 answers are completely right

Of those 2 answers, 1 is a better answer.

What really pisses me off is when you ask "Why is answer A a better answer than answer B"? And they can't tell you why, they just say "It just is".

I'm seriously worried about the education I'm getting at this school (or not getting). The staff is so unprofessional, unprepared, and rude.

It also doesn't matter how good we are on the floor, becuase it doesn't figure into our grade. So basically, I could know all the theory and get A's in the class, and totally suck on the floor and still pass. What good is understanding all the theory if you're not compassionate and can't talk to people?


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