Sunday, February 25, 2007

More Funnies

Nursing School Survival Rules
1. When in doubt, wash your hands.
2. The correct answer is either "hand washing" or "patent airway".
3. If it moves, ambulate it. If it doesn't move, turn and reposition it q2h.
4. Remember the 11th Commandment: Thou shalt not cross thy sterile field.
5. The instructor is always right. (EXCEPT when they're not...and we've proven it a few times in the past week!).

I don't know where my teacher got this calendar but its so cute :)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Yeah :)

Well the car IS broken. But its not my fault! They have to order the part. Also, I got the bad news that I have to buy tires for it. Yes, tires, new ones, 5 months before I have to give the damn car back. Oh well. Guess I'll have to call Shrader this week. I hate replacing tires on leased cars.

In other news...I got my test back last night. I am one of about 3 people that passed the test. And, I actually did pretty well considering the lack of studying that I did. Everyone is upset. The scores were horrible and I was prepared for the worst. I really like psych, things make sense...and its explaining a lot about my family LOL just kidding :)

Saturday, February 17, 2007

I Think I'm Gonna Cry

I'm pretty sure I broke my car. Probably the drive train or something equally expensive. I'm about 300 miles away from the 36,000 warranty being gone. I'm freaking out. I hope that its just because its so cold out lately that the parts are just frozen or something.

I put it in 4 wheel drive because it snowed like 18 inches here overnight. I couldn't get out of the snowbank I was in, so I rocked it back and forth in 4 wheel drive to get it out. Problems is, 3 days later and the 4 wheel drive still hasn't disengaged. At least I think that's the problem. I tried everything everyone's suggested and nothing is working. It sounds terrible and it feels even worse when I drive it now.

So now I have to make ANOTHER appointment with that absolutely terrible Chrysler/Jeep service department. I'm sure they're going to try and nail me for this one. I'm sure I will be blamed for using the 4 wheel drive incorrectly, but I read the manual and it looks like I did everything I was supposed to. I can't wait till this lease is up. I just have to make it until July. Chrysler/Jeep is going on my "I will never buy another car from you because you have the worse customer service EVER" list along with those idiots over at Pontiac.

I'm going to go cry myself to sleep now I'm so upset. I'm so worried I'm going to have to pay for this. DAMNIT I'm so close to being done with this car!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Far Behind

I know I haven't posted lately, I'm sorry. But no one's complaining, so maybe no one's reading anyways. LOL

This was handed out in class the other night:

Five Differences Between Nursing School and Hell
(I can't believe they found 5 - I couldn't find any!)

1. You wouldn't tell a friend to go to nursing school.
2. You know there are hot women and men in Hell.
3. You only have to sell your soul to get into Hell.
4. People smile in Hell.
5. Hell is forever, nursing school just seems like it.

I'll post about the psych ward soon, I promise, I just have so much to do!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Sometimes It's Scary

Actual conversation between Matt and I last night…

Me: (opening a box of Starburst) Wow! Yeah!!! Alright!!! Woo-hoo!!!

Matt: What?

Me: Dude look! In that whole box only 1 lemon and 2 oranges! All the rest are red and pink! I love that!!! That made my whole day! Do you want one? Of course, you know I’m only offering you a lemon or orange though, right?

Matt: Nah, I’m ok. Don’t you hate that though? When you offer people Starburst and they eat your pink and red ones?

Me: Yea. I always eat all the yucky stuff first and save the best for last.

Matt: Oh my god me too!

Me: Yea, I have to eat all the lemons first…then the oranges, then pink red pink red pink red until they’re gone. I can’t decide if I like the pink or red the best. This way it’s all fair for the pink and red.

Matt: Hahahaha I do that too!!! The same way! Lemon, Orange, Pink Red Pink Red! I think I like the red ones best so I end on those. I used to like the pink best, but the red are creeping up.

Me: Yea me too!

Matt: Hmmmm

Me: Wow, who’s OCD is worse, do you think?

Matt: hahaha

Me: How do you eat M&Ms?

Matt: Let's never speak of this again.

I just learned that Starburst are made from gelatin...damnit. Now I can't eat those either. THIS SUCKS. I've been doing pretty well but no where close to excellent.

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